The Very Strange Home of George Stickney

On the off chance that you have ever visited Bull Valley, Illinois you may have seen a weird looking structure with an exceptional plan. That building is the previous home of mystic George Stickney. From the external the structure is genuinely ordinary looking, however within it is another story.


George had the home underlying 1836 for him and his better half Sylvia. At his solicitation the house was to be worked with adjusted corners. George Stickney followed a type of mysticism that held to the conviction that shrewd spirits could be pulled in to corners or get caught in them. George and Sylvia held numerous seances in the home. Visit – ความเชื่อแปลกๆ


As per one legend the home wound up with one corner of a room that had a 90-degree estimation. Strangely, George met his death in the home and allegedly was discovered dead in one of the corners with an alarmed look all over. He is said to have passed on of evident cardiovascular breakdown. Sylvia Stickney kept on living in the house and picked up acclaim as an otherworldly medium. She held enormous seances in the home in the higher up assembly hall.


After his demise bits of gossip about the heavenly started to surface about the home. A portion of the stories incorporate unpleasant stories from individuals who have been in the house and have detailed seeing figures moving about and hearing strides. One of the previous proprietors of the house Rodrick Smith likewise claims to have heard bizarre commotions in the home. He additionally detailed that his canines never felt agreeable there.


In 1985 the manor turned into a police area to the Village of Bull Valley. Police Chief Norbert Sauers is accounted for as having heard strides in the structure, peculiar clamors, lights turning on and off, door handles turning, and hearing latrines flush when alone in the house. Another cop professes to have encountered a spirit. The official word from the specialists however, is that the house isn’t nor has it ever been spooky. Well I wonder which it is?


The odd home was put on the National Historic Register in 1979. Is the chateau truly spooky? A significant number of the inhabitants of the town accept thus, just as numerous individuals who have either lived in or visited the home. One thing is for sure the odd structure, unpleasant seances and history of the structure sure makes for a decent apparition story!

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